The Watertown Humane Society is NOT a licensed rehabber, meaning we cannot help remove or assist with rehabilitating wildlife. Wildlife that is found by the public, are more than likely being watched from afar by their mother, left while she finds food, etc. We encourage everyone to not move or touch babies in the wild. Unless you are 100% certain the animal is injured or abandoned, it is best to leave it alone. If you are certain the animal needs help, resources below will be able to assist. Our staff also does not remove wild animals such as squirrels, raccoons or opossums from underneath porches, on rooftops, inside attics or unfinished basements. To locate a company that specializes in this, look up pest control services in the Yellow Pages or on the Internet. Please note: we do not have training in wildlife and are unable to offer advice on any wildlife matters.

There are numerous organizations that will assist with injured wildlife. Here are some helpful resources for questions concerning wildlife: