Need to Rehome Your Pet?

Making the decision to find a new home for your pet can be difficult. We know you want to make sure your pet finds the most loving and safe new home. The Watertown Humane Society recommends working with who is now offering a Rehome program. This program is a safe, reliable, and free way to find a loving new home for your pet.


The Rehome Process:AdoptaPet

  1. Create a Pet Profile
    Get your pets posted on to be seen by millions of pet adopters.
  2. Review Applications
    The dedicated team at Rehome will give you all the help you need to select the best potential adopters.
  3. Meet Adopters
    The Rehome team will guide you through the process of setting safe and pressure-free meetings with applicants.
  4. Finalize Adoption
    Rehome will provide you with an adoption contract to protect the transfer of your pet ownership.


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