In addition to a collar and tag with pet owners name and phone number imprinted, a microchip allows for an additional resource to reunite a lost pet with their owner. Microchips provide a permanent identification that cannot fall off, be removed, or become impossible to read.

About the size of a grain of salt, microchips are not a GPS tracking device. Once implanted into the pet, a vet or shelter can scan the animal and identify the owner based on a unique number.  It is important to keep contact information up to date with the microchip company if you should move to ensure your pet is reunited with you should it become lost. If your pet is microchipped, it is important that your contact information is always up to date to help ensure your pet is reunited with you should they ever get lost. Microchips are an invaluable tool in pet ownership.

WHS provides microchipping services to the public for both cats and dogs for $20.00 plus tax, by appointment only. Please call the shelter to schedule an appointment. 920-261-1270

Have you recently moved or got a new phone number? Be sure your microchip information is up to date by visiting: www.mypethealth.com

Keep track of your pet's microchip manufacturer and number with this handy flyer.

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