In a time of overpopulation in animal shelters throughout the United States, we are dedicated to assisting animals possibly facing euthanasia. This year so far, we have helped 55 local dogs and transported 90 dogs from the south. We are committed to being part of the solution. We have space to help, and we strive to keep our kennels full of adoptable dogs from both local situations and transfers. However, when our shelter was built at its current location in 1998, it was designed with the best practices of that time in mind. In the last 25 years, so much additional scientific knowledge has been gained in best practices related to animal shelter housing. We now have a greater understanding of the standards of care and housing that need to be met in a shelter environment to best support the physical and mental well-being of the animals in our care. We have identified several problems with our current kennel situation. In the Mid-western climate where summers and winters are both extreme, our indoor-outdoor kennels lead to problems with cleaning and sanitation (cross-contamination), which is unhealthy for both our staff and animals. Our dogs currently face each other in their housing units, which we now know greatly increases kennel stress and aggression and creates safety issues for our dogs and canine companion volunteers. In addition to these kennel issues, our outdoor play yard fencing needs improvement to keep our dogs safe and contained. We certainly have the desire to make improvements and follow best practices, but a lack of resources and funding have not allowed us to make these major renovations. This is where we need your help. We are looking for donors and corporate sponsors to help us complete this much necessary renovation to better the environment our shelter dogs are kept while they are with us.


ALL DONATIONS OVER $100 WILL BE RECOGNIZED IN OUR NEW DOG KENNEL SPACE! Be sure to select Dog Kennel Renovation Fund when making your donation.

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